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September 6, 2008

ShadowScythe T-shirts are LIVE! Sold Out!

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Tshirt ShadowScythe T-shirts

Coming Friday!

The dreaded emblem of the Shadowscythe strikes doom into the hearts of even Lore’s greatest heroes. It will be released next Friday in Blood Red… or as originally intended.. in BLACK ON BLACK. Those brave enough to obtain this will recieve a collectable code which will unlock a different special item in each of our three games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable AND MechQuest…..Tshirt

… of course that Sepulchure style Battle Mecha unit would be about 80x bigger in actual scale! Doooooooooooooooooooooooom……

AdventureQuest AdventureQuest
Both adventurers and guardians should travel to No Man’s Land on a special mission to search for a cure, which they can find in the General’s Tower in Granemor. Also released are the Space Man and Space Girl armors as well as the Endangered Species rescue quest. (You can get that from Aria’s pet shop in Battleon.)
Go there
DragonFable DragonFable
Re-release of Lymcrest’s first 5 floors redone with an optionl side boss which promises to be the MOST difficult battle in the game thus far…. it will require a little detective work, and a LOT of player cooperation on the forums to figure out his weakness. We are also releasing the next quest in the Dragesvard quest chain. You and Galanoth follow the clues to the Ice Elf ruins looking for the connection between the ice dragon attacks and the supposedly extinct race of Ice Elves.
Go thereP.S. Next weekend is our first ever bonus gold weekend in DF!
MechQuest MechQuest
Gremlins sabotaged one of Mysterious Johnson’s magical experiements! A dimensional portal opened and enemies are flooding out of it.  The portal’s power is greatly weakened as the Online Count increases.  so, get you friends to play!
Go there

Happening Now
You and your fellow adventurers can explore the new Capital City of Swordhaven and be the first to experience new areas, items and features as they are released LIVE. This game is literally being built under your feet as you are playing. Find out all of the behind the scenes information on the Design Notes!

Capes and Helmets!
Be the first to customize your character even further with new back and head gear. These items will go in your inventory allowing you to put them on at any time.

Design Notes
See all of the crazy insider, behind the scenes information – Read my Design Notes!BACK FROM DRAGONCON 2008!
We missed you so much! We are home from the convention. Our two panels and our “PG” party were so much fun. My favorite memory was at the first panel where Cysero played the ending song from Portal on his cell phone… held it up to the mic, and the entire room sung along while waving their cell phones in the air like at a concert. A close second was the first annual “Punt Twilly” contest. Mostly because no one hit the goal…. but we did hit the DragonCon official 5 times. Pictures and stories coming tomorrow!

Website Updates
Jemini and I made a few changes to the site today. We hope you like the changes. (I still want a black website!!!!) Cysero also updated the header on DragonFable today… it features Nythera now!

DragonCon 2008!
The Team is off to DragonCon 2008. We are runnign two panels and a party. (Check out our cool banner!) While we are gone, Warlic and Thyton will be running the secret underground lab. *gulps* We will be sure to bring you back lots of photos. You can see some of the photos that Zorbak took during previous conventions!

Mega Design Notes Update
See the design notes for the ULTIMATE GAMING CHALLENGE award and news on he Lore Grimoire!
Go there now

Sunday, Aug 24th
Brand new “Sir Ver vs. Evil Sir Ver” Wallpaper from Randor the Red! Available in: 800×600, 1680×1050, 1600×1200, 1024×768, 1280×800

We built a massively multiplayer game engine!
It is my extreme honor to tell you that the secret is out and it is true! Over the past few months we built a 100% flash based, in your browser, AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest inspired, real-time combat, honest to goodness massively multiplayer online game.

AQWorlds Dance Party

As I am sure you are already thinking — this is a wish come true! At long last we will accomplish the seemingly impossible goal of adventuring and battle alongside each other for real. The best part is, in the final release, you will be able to import data from your existing AQ/DF/MQ characters and accounts making all of your old hard work and effort really mean something.  Like our other games, we are growing this one from scratch. Alpha testing was a success and Beta is a lot of fun… we fully expect everything to break, catch on fire, and blow up – just like when we started the other games! We hope you are excited about this new project and will become involved and help us build it.

AQ Worlds MMO Screenshot
Explore, Chat, Emote and have fun!

Behind the Scenes
A little bit of back story: Do you remember when I hinted on the forums at New Years at midnight about playing with multiplayer functionality? We had already built a simple prototype where 5 people were walking around Falconreach with actual DragonFable characters chatting. I saw that we had the ability to create something amazing. I also knew better than to mess with perfection – which is why we are not going to mess with the existing games. (See, we listen very carefully to you) AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest are going to continue growing and improving each week with their existing teams, humor and new features like housing/starships which will become available in the next few weeks. (We need to find a way to make that importable too – how awesome would it be to walk around your place in another game with people?)

Minimal and Artix battling Drakel
Battle real time along side your friends!

Introducing Minimal and the Team
To build this new game we brought on our newest team member, Minimal. He is a life long friend of Galanoth and I. We even went to college together! He is probably the smartest person I have ever met in my life. As a talented programmer, designer, musician, philosopher, and a dozen other things – he is really amazing… we paired him up with Zhoom (Can you say Dream team?) to create this brand new MMO game engine. Then, Miltonius who created the Artix vs the Undead animated short designed brand new simplified art style for the characters. Because we could have an insane number of people on the screen at the same time we had to keep the art (number of lines) as simple as possible (or else you would lag really bad). So far he has created over 100 hair styles, 20 different types of armors, and a large number of monsters and weapons. J6 who has worked on literally, every game we have made is doing the incredible background and scenery artwork. That is a pretty small team considering the size of this project!

Create a new Character
Create your own Character
(Note: You can change your class inside the game just like AQ)

A Brand New Adventure
Building a true Flash MMO is no easy task! It will be our biggest challenge yet. We hope you are excited about it and would like to help us make it happen.  There will always be people that say things can never be done, or that it is impossible.  At least that is what they said when we started building DF and MQ… remember? That is why I would like to smile and confidently say that we have had successful weekly releases in ALL of our games each and every week while building this extremely complicated new MMO since January 1st. Each week ALL of our games continue to improve.  I am so proud of the team and I am grateful for you as well. What you are witnessing  is a success that you made possible. If you supported the games and believed in us you should have a big smile on your face. This MMO is your reward. We will work hard to keep making it better for you!

Battle on!

P.S. Whether you were here for the birth of our existing games or joining us for the very first time…. hang on to your hats… it is going to be a wild ride! If you have any questions, please ask the elite players on the forums about their experiences with the launch of our other games. This is going to be REALLY exciting!


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