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Lord of Evil

Skeletal Minion
(with an unusually good sense of humor… you know.. for a dead guy…)

Sept 11th, 2008
Tomorrow’s Releases
Because if we released them today — today would be tomorrow and yesterday would be now!

Chuckles: Hehehe. Yup! Yup!
Sepulchure: EXCELLENT
Chuckles: Ooooh… the Paladin just made changes to MechQuest’s website.

The dreaded emblem of the Shadowscythe strikes doom into the hearts of even Lore’s greatest heroes. It will be released next Friday in Blood Red… or as originally intended.. in BLACK ON BLACK. Those brave enough to obtain either of these shirts will recieve a collectable code which will unlock a different special item in each of our three games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable AND MechQuest…..


Sept 10th, 2008
Exciting Week!
SoundFX are now live in AQWorlds. Also, pet functionality is now in place. You may have noticed members of the team running around with pet Daimyos (Battle Puppy) and Fire Flies (Apparently Fire Flies are not visible in game yet.)

It looks like having 20 players with 20 pets on the screen at the same time causes a bit of… well…. can you say lagasaurus rex? We are carefully considering how to release pets. I think we should release new functionality making pets more “REAL”. All players would have to carry around little plastic bags to clean up after their pets…. just like *looks at Daimyo* real life!

In other news, Minimal has just completed the “Cast Bar” which will indicate how long it takes to charge up to perform some actions. (Example: Fishing, Casting Mega FireBall, Opening a can of tuna)

Miltonius has completed 50 different character classes (armors). Each has a male and female version. A large number of new weapon designs have been created…. some of them are BEAAAAAUTIFUL with crazy glowy, sparkling animations.

Only a few pieces of core functionality remain (skills, friends, parties and rep) meanwhile we are working on new questing areas. We are mixing it up by creating new places and doing some of the most popular nostolgic places from AdventureQuest — like Willowshire!

Finally, I am really excited about the ShadowScythe T-shirts that we are releasing on Friday. While we have done T-shirts in the past, this is by far the coolest and we have never tried anythign with special “bonus in game items” before. Galanoth, Warlic and Cysero all worked very hard on their games reward items… it should be interesting to see what everyone thinks!

…. more coming tomorrow!

Sept 5th, 2008
Foley Folly
“Fo-Lee” adj. Of or pertaining to motion-picture sound effects produced manually: a Foley artist.

I remember back when we were making ArchKnight and Warlic helped me with the Sound FX. We made them all by hand. The fireball was actually an umbrella opening (Whoosh) and he crushed some paper for that crackling fire sound. He jingled ice in a glass to make the elemental ice attack sound (They are still using it in AdventureQuest!) There are two click sounds in DragonFable. The huge BOOOSH sounding button is actually, haha, a basketball with massive echo on it. Creating sounds is really creative and fun! Especially when you get to run around recording the sound of you hitting things that you would normally get in trouble for hitting… like Steak… Cysero’s yogurt… boxes full of those white packaging materials except you forgot to take the thing in the package out and you do terrible irreversable damage to your hand…. and this…. will explain why AQWorlds combat will sound like an awesome over-the-top Kung Fu Movie when you play the release on Monday!

The first round of Sound FX for AQWorlds will be very familiar! Since the game is a mixture of all of our existig games… we mixed all of the sounds together and added some new ones compliments of Dave Johnson who helped on the Artix vs the Undead video! (Note: We spent HOURS trying out new sounds… but for some reason the classics always sounded better to us!)

Sept 4rth, 2008
You know what AQWorlds really needs*? That is right — Sound FX! Today I am selecting some ultra high sampled, 7.1 surround sound mixed Audio FX for you** to hear when you strike true with your enchanted blade while battleling the evil monsters to defend the world!

* Friends List, Parties/Groups, Pets, Groups, Canned Chat Server, Icons, Classes/Skills/ Rep System, Options Menu, Guilds, about 100x more quests… <the list goes on and on!>
** Which will be compressed down to a 1kbps, mono, robotic sounding gargle.

FORUM QUESTION: Which of our three main games and minigames has the best sound FX? Hmm, if I had to asnwer I would say Robina the Hood’s Monster hunt has the best balance and feel! Oh wait… the undead laugh from Undead Assault. This is a though one.

Sept 2nd & 3rd, 2008
DragonCon Photos & Stories
Todays Design Notes get their own entire website!

Onward to DragonCon Photos and Stories!

Aisha and I are still working on the Zorbak goes to Con photos — they will be up by the end of the day though! I fell asleep trying to finish them last night 😦 Then, *nervous laugh* I had a bit of an embarrasing morning. Would you like to hear the story? See, I wore so much black at the convention that I decided to dress in all white today…

Setting: The scene opens up with Artix dressed in a comfy white shirt and pants.

Safiria: How are you this morning Artix?
Artix: I am all white, how are you?
Safiria: …..

Then… I knocked a completely full mega huge iced coffee ALL over myself, my laptop, power cords and backup power brick… all over the wall and carpet…. So, I was sitting here, in my now soaked brown shirt and “mocha sented” room wondering how many hours I had to wait before trying to power up my machine. What was really sad, was the only think I could think of was… “But… but.. I did not even get to drink any of it!” (This was the first coffee I was going to allow myself since getting back from DragonCon — Hudson Hawk comes to mind)

So now I am following Lady Celestia’s advice and *gulps* drinking some tea instead. Zorbak photos coming soon!

Sept 1, 2008
Back from DragonCon!
We missed you so much! We are home from the convention. Our two panels and our “PG” party were so much fun. My favorite memory was at the first panel where Cysero played the ending song from Portal on his cell phone… held it up to the mic, and the entire room sung along while waving their cell phones in the air like at a concert. A close second was the first annual “Punt Twilly” contest. Mostly because no one hit the goal…. but we did hit the DragonCon official who was assigned to our room 5 times! LOL. Poor fella. Pictures and stories and Zorbak goes to Con pictures coming tomorrow!
Preparing for DragonCon… leaving.. TOMORROW!?
In addition to our release today, we are all packing and preparing for DragonCon 2008 . (Check out our cool banner!) MechQuest and DragonFable are swapping release days this week. While we are gone, Warlic and Thyton will be running the lab while we are there. Doooooooooooom!

Zorbak will be sure to take some pictures for everyone who is not attending (Zorbak pics from previous years).

Ultimate Gamer Award!
Monday, Aug 25th, 2008
The challenge was posted on Friday… and unbelievable number of you raised your swords and spell books to earn our first ever Ultimate Gamer Award… and the title of “QuantumKnight” for August 2008 Week 4. It was really fun too — I am so glad you enjoyed it!

Are you a winner?
You knew this first challenge was “on your honor”. So whether you posted a screenshot of every victory like MidnightBlade, Iinky and so many others… or silently completed without telling another soul — I salute you and am proud to award you with this collectible award image, and this week’s title of QuantumKnight!

Behold the prize of the Quantum Knight

Right-Click and Download

NOTE: This is a transparent .GIF — would some of the talented members from the gallery of creative adventurers step forward to create some smaller sig files that players who have completed the challenge can proudly post as their footer on the AE Forums and whever else they would like to show off this weeks prize?

It is not too late to earn yours!
You have until the start of the releases on Wednesday night (when we leave for DragonCon) to complete the challenge. This has really been a huge, and if you really like it we can come up with a new challenge for you on Friday!

The Lore Grimoire
This weekend I revealed the secret of our very Necromomicon looking design book.. the Lore Grimoire. Within it’s pages the landscape of AdventureQuest Worlds is forming. Like right now… as you are reading this.

The Lore Grimoire
Would you like to see the page from Swordhaven?

The helmet in the picture was delivered to my office by a young girl who made a surprise visit today on behalf of Johnny Atomic. A famous illustrator and print/media company owner here in Tampa. I met Johnny through one of Oishii’s art school instructor for the first time last Friday night when the entire lab and a few new friends went to the new Korean BBQ place we like. The message read…

Thank you for dinner and congratulations on your new game launch. I hope you enjoy this “Sir Ver” warming gift. It was custom forged for my personal collection by one of the finest armories in the world. As a Paladin, you will have more need of it than I.”

It was great meeting you.

Continued good luck,
Johnny Atomic

WOW! WHAT DO YOU SAY TO SOMETHING LIKE THIS!? I am completely speechless. Warlic put it on his head and ran around the lab banging his fists on it like a rabid gorilla (I should not have mentioned that.. but I did get video!)

Forum Question: The Lore Grimoire would like to know. Would you like the level 1-10 area to be classic fantasy, magic, and monsters in an enchanted forest. Or can I go straight to an epic battle between the forces of good and the undead? I could really use some help on this one!

New Beta Wallpaper!
Sunday, Aug 24th
Brand new “Sir Ver vs. Evil Sir Ver” Wallpaper from Randor the Red! Available in: 800×600, 1680×1050, 1600×1200, 1024×768, 1280×800
Friday, August 22nd, 2008
Friday Releases!
This is the very first weekend in history that we have FOUR major games up and running at the same time. I have a special ultimate player challenge for you. Read what is being released then see the challenge below… (this is a first too!)

AQWorlds (MMO)
Zhoom and Minimal are doing a big code merge (The scariest thing we do here… everything breaks, people catch on fire, it starts snowing in the microwave) The new engine being released today will fix most of the remaining game bugs. (Like *coughs* 0hp immortality, not being able to rest, pre-posioned monsters) Also, we will do our best to release a brand new quest featuring a well known monster from one of our existing games. Feel free to guess until it goes live! Then, we are turning our sites on Helms, Capes, Pets, Class changes, and Class leveling quests which should live with new things next week!
Play AQWorlds

An army of dragons attacks the newly rebuilt fortress town of Granemor! Featuring a new boss and a new guest. Join thousands of your friends (with a little help from Galanoth, Dewlok) and defend the town! Succeed and discover the true villain behind this attack!
Play AdventureQuest

Cysero is…. not here yet! But, there is a lot of talk of something about Galanoth and something bout the level cap. Check the DF Design notes in a bit!
Play DragonFable

Warlic released STATS this week! Head to gears university and take Mecha Piloting 101 to increase your Accuracy, Power, Reflex, Efficiency, Perception… and even luck! Today, the Khaeldron Mines (Where you discovered the ancient Shadowscythe ship that crashed a long ago… they used the metal from this to create the Drakel Power Armor) is being converted into a permanent in-game quest. Defeat the Guardian Dragyon! Coming next: A brand new planet where… well, I will give you a hint. We have never done anything like this in our games before. It involves NPCs wearing a lot of spandex and capes! (Have you been tested for super powers lately?)
Ultimate Gamer Challenge
“The first ever multi-game quest for insane gamers”
The team realized today that there is so much going on, that not even the team can play and keep up with everything we are making each week. It is madness! So here is my challenge…. can you?

Quest Objectives

  • AQ: Slay 10+ Dragons in the Dragon War
  • DF: Complete the brand new DragonFable Quest
    (and earn one level if the cap is raised)
  • Fully train your stats in MechQuest
  • AQworlds: Play the brand new quest when it is released

Honorary Award Title: <insert title here> (August Week #4)

Forum Question: What should the title be? Considering there are multiple timelines: What about something like QuantumKnight, OmniMaster, AE PowerGamer, QuestChampion… ideas? See you on the forums.

Also… we could use a cool forum sig for the title once we have one. Perhaps some of you from the gallery of creative adventurers could make this happen once we get a name for the title!

Day #3
Thursday, Aug 21th
Just released! A new version of the engine with some new features. You may have to restart your web browser (and clear the temporary internet files) in order to see the changes. First, gold now appears on your name plate and we made it easier to see your level.

Go for the Gold!

When you target another player, you can hit options which will bring up a new menu. If someone is misbehaving you can ignor or report them. These features are only partially functional now, but should be effective at solving problems during this early phase of Beta!

New menu!

In future releases you will be able to use this menu to do lots of things. Like form parties, go to their character page, go to their house, and more! Go Minimal and Zhoom!

New Server
We have now have two servers! Wait… oh no… what went wrong with the cloning machine!?
Zorbak: Meh, I added a special ingredient!
Artix: .… what did you add?
Zorbak: DOOM!

Login… choose a server!

Aug 20th,2008
Progressive Beta: Day #3

“… and the servers are still online!”
Woah, it was cool telling you all in-game that I updated the notes. Today, we spent the day working on improved moderation tools. These are for both the staff and for you to use. It will allow you to /ignore and /report players using a simple menu. Meanwhile, we are preparing to add a new shop full of weapons for you to earn and try out. Minimal is fixing several bugs then preparing to impliment stats (STR, DEX, INT, CHA, LUK, END) and new skills for the classes. Jemini is on mockup #3,455,643,545 of the new black website design – fear the crazy design spiral of doom! Finally, Llussion is working wth J6 to build you a new questing area with some famliar monsters! We hope you are enjoying the Beta. Feel free to guess which monster will soon be appearing on the forums 🙂

Thought of the day: The more we do, the more we realize we need to do! Now it starts getting interesting.

Aug 19th,2008
Bug Fixes:

Apologies again for server restarts.. had to keep bugs away. Here is a list of things fixed this morning:
– Undead Boss drops “Undead Commander Sword”
– Frogdrake has 10% to drop “Back Key to the Castle”
– Slimes only drop 1 Yummy Slime Sauce
– Hair Gel shop issue fixed
– Quest added for Yulgar

Please let us know if there are any other bugs/issues. Hope you enjoy the game!

Aug 19th,2008
Newspaper Article

WOW! We just got this in the mail today. It is an article on a special visitor we had here at the Secret Underground Lab. Enjoy!

Progressive Beta: Day #2
Servers and Hurricanes and Bugs oh my!
Again, thank you all for being a part of this exciting release. Chuckles is officially my favorite new NPC (Well, not technically new, he first made his appearance in DragonFable) I would like to give Zhoom a special round of applause for solving our crisis by bringing Server # 2 (EVIL SIR VER) online in ONLY 2 hours! I am not sure anyone realizes exactly how hard that was to accomplish from scratch. Just setting up the server, files, settings, and getting the licenses in place would have taken a normal human far longer… but he also rewrote the game engine and server side code in order to make it work! Zhoom, you are AMAZING!

*Raises frosty mug of crushed ice and strawberry* To Zhoom!

Sir Ver vs Evil Sir Ver

I would like to praise the entire team for all of their hard work yesterday. That was by far our most difficult release of all time! You guys are worth it 🙂 Now, we have a lot of work in front of us…. Onward! To bug fixes!

(Now with Beta Caratinadin)
Aug 18th,2008

99% chance of going live… 100% of being the biggest train wreck in the history of our gaming company. WOOOOHOOOO! Cannot wait!

I will be updating the homepage with the play by play for you today. This is so exciting! Remember, today is the very, very, very, very beginning. It is a starting point from which we shall grow this new game. If you have been with us for the launch of a game before, you know that what is really being released today is some wierd grey area between Alpha and Beta… like an Alpheta or a Blapha! We will still be editing gold, xp, maps, monsters *coughs* the combat engine while you are logging in and playing. Expect new things to just start showing up through the day — especially new weapons, hair and helm shops. The game will literally be growing under your feet as you play (expect growth spurts and beware the terrible twos!).

Swordhaven - Safest Town in the World
Today, we will travel to the Capital City of Swordhaven. King Alteon and his theee Daughters live in the Castle. The Knights of the Pactoganal Table keep the city so safe that they never have to raise the drawbridge to the Castle. The first thing you should do in Swordhaven is visit Barberalla, the master barber. Her technique in lethal hair design is unmatched! This city is also home to the Pizza parlor that a particular Paladin got his first part time job at! Mmmm, maybe we can get a slice of slime and eyeball with extra bat wings! They REALLY put elbow grease into making these pizzas. Just, whatever you do, do not ask for it animal style. Also, stop by the local inn to meet the friendly locals!

This is so exciting! You can help us by posting bugs on the forums and keeping an eye on the homepage which will be updated with the latest information.

Battle on!
About your Development Team
Here are the friendly faces that will be working on the game live while you are playing. All Game Masters now have bold Yellow names in-game so you can identify them.

Minimal – Game Engine, Combat system and Class Skills
Zhoom – Game Engine, Database, Item / Reward Systems
Miltonius – Art, Animation, Character Classes
J6 – Art, Animation, Backgrounds, Quest & World
Llussion – Quest Building
Reens – Moderation, Forums, Team Organization
Safiria & Nythera – On support duty!
Artix – Homepage, Panicking, Releasing a Beta that is clearly not ready… anyways…. (The usual)
Forum Staff – Moderation with their new super powers!
You – Being the first to play a new game! Trying everything out, posting bugs on the forums, offering suggestions, helping keep the game a fun and safe place!

Good luck today everyone!

Lord of Evil

Skeletal Minion
(with an unusually good sense of humor… you know.. for a dead guy…)

Aug 15th,2008
Beta Doooooooooooooom!

Chuckles: Hahahahahaha *Gives Letter*
Sepulchure: <READS>
Sepulchure: …
Sepulchure: So the Paladin says Beta goes live on Monday?

Chuckles: Hahahahahaha fun fun fun!
Chuckles:<Would raise an eyebrow… but… you know… he is a Skeleton… >
Chuckles: Hahahahahaha funner funner funner*!

To be continued….

* Evil undead minions are officially allowed to use the word “Funner” and there is NOTHING your english professor can do about it. Sorry, that is the rules!

Aug 15th,2008
The Plan for Monday (BETA!)

… we have no idea what will be available, working, or going live.
… but we are turning on Sir Ver and starting BETA anyway!
…. and we will just start building from there.

We definately have a larger starting point that our previous four games. In the Beta you will visit the peaceful and well guarded town of Swordhaven. This capital city is home to the King and his three daughters and is so safe that they say “no living enemy has EVER made it through the front gates!”

Starting monday we turn the game on with the intention of leaving it on. We will be building it right under your feet! Think of this release as a the very beginning… a seed… a seed that will grow… it will grow into a giant, beautiful, possibly deadly giant hideous evil monster tree <makes scary face while waving hands around> with claws and big teeth and throws squirrels at passing cars and… and…! (Yes, this is exactly what Progressive Beta will be like.) I am so glad you are going to be a part of it.

See you on Monday!

Aug 12 14th,2008
(Evil Time Travel Faeries… I hear they eat moglins too!)

DragonCon ’08 Update

If you are going to DragonCon this year, be sure to come see us at our two panels and suite party. Jemini made us a cool page that we will update so you know where to find us during the convention.
See what we are up to this year!

Cherry Credits
Game cards in 7-11’s in Singapore and other parts of Asia have just gone live! This is great news for international players who want to upgrade in one of our games but cannot use the online process. It is sort of crazy if you think about it… we are a bunch of geeky game makers here in the swamps of Florida and… and… and… NOW WE HAVE CARDS ON STORE SHELVES IN ASIA!? (Those of you who believed in us sure made the right call — good job!)

AQWorlds Progressive Beta Update
A lot of people are wondering… where does AQworlds fit in our completely insane backwards timeline? As you may already know the games all take place in the same world and the timeline goes a little something like this…

-> 5,000 years -> DragonFable -> 5 years -> AdventureQuest

So where does AQWorlds take place? Believe it or not… it takes place AFTER. Yes, that is right — it is the very first game where we are going forward in time! Well, sort of…. you did not really expect this to get simpler right? See, during the other games we splintered and fragmented the timelines (allowing us to get away with some amazingly huge plot holes.) But somewhere in between AQ and AQW there was an epic battle where You, Galanoth and his DragonSlayers encountered the faced the Dragon of time which ended… most unfavorably (and highly embarrassingly!) You where there… even if you do not know it (yet.)

As a result of this battle the three timelines fused together… and now we exist in a current, single, true reality.

One land…
One time…
One No Rules…
Anything goes….
And we mean ANYTHING…
You know us… things could get out of hand!

Welcome to the Land of Lore
AdventureQuest Worlds
Progressive Beta Starts Monday (Probably!)

Aug 12th,2008
Limit Break!
We had a breakthrough yesterday. But before that, I really wanted to thank you for sharing your passions on the forums. I love hearing about your goals and what you dedicate your time to.

So yesterday, we solved the biggest hurdle to building fun new quests in the MMO. It is often strange how the most difficult problems end up having the most simple answers. As a result we are now able to have free roaming World of Warcraft style quests, while also having group adventures, instanced dungeons, and lots of solo adventures. Monday’s Progressive Beta will start you at the gates of the beautiful and peaceful Capital city of SwordHaven! *coughs* What could possibly go wrong?

P.S. Lothalis, I would love to see the card game.

Aug 11th,2008
Madness Week
Realizing that we really need to get moving, a special meeting on procrastination was planned for today. We decided to push that back to tomorrow.

If we are really going to start “Progressive Beta*” next monday…. this week is…. MADNESSS WEEK!!!!!!!!

* Progressive Beta (n. The gray area somewhere between Alpha and Beta that is so blurry you may need special glasses to play. It manages to maintain the extremely limited functionality of Alpha while also boldly minimizing the amount of content. Also sounds like we are testing some sort of new car insurance website. In other news, we had a lot of crazy things happen. First, I obtained — which is crazy… I have not ever SEEN a two letter domain before. I had to sell several major body organs to do it. Then, I went to the eye doctors and was told I need to start wearing glasses while at my computer. The bright side… I will look smart! Finally, I got a hair cut. Now you might be thinking… why would Artix talk about a hair cut last… as the last thing mentioned should always be the biggest and most important. That is because it comes with a special story attached. Now, first you may be thinking…. did he forget that he was just writing an asterisk and got carried away. The answer is yes — thank you, *chuckles* I just figured that out now. Too late to go back now! So I show up at the hair cut place and I reach into my pocket while saying, “Now, I do not normally carry pictures of other men around with me… but a special girl sent me this picture and…” She held up her hand and smiled, instructing me to sit in the chair. “So she think’s this will look good on you, huh?”, she said. She took a bit to study the picture and then my face. She studied the photo the way I used to size up an sparring opponent in Martial Arts… a fierce lookin her eyes as she analyzed the challenges and devised a strategy. (Well, that is how I could relate to it at least!) Then she placed the photo face down on the table and said, “Let’s get started”. She was a master. You could see it her in technique. <snip> <snip> <buzz> <buzz>. <wash> <snip> <critical hit> <little styling stuff> WOW! I told her she was amazing. AND THAT… is WHEN SHE SAID IT. She said, in the most confident, hearty, true of heart (go Goku!) voice I have ever heard, “I love cutting hair!” In that statement I found the thing that I have the most respect for in this entire world. Someone who truly and honestly loves that they do. Wether it is making video games, or helping people with therapy, building a phone network, producing movies or cutting hair… when you come across someone who truly loves what they do you cannot help but to be inspired and be more like them. On top of that… it is a great looking hair cut! Now… time for Zhoom and I to go to cardio-kick boxing. Talk to you tomorrow!

Forum Question: What are you passionate about? Wether it is right now, in 5, 10 , or even 20 years… what do you want to say that you LOVE doing with your life?

Aug 8th,2008
Beta Update
Everything you wanted to know about the MMO progress is here! As you know, we have a stable engine and are currently working on content. Things are going slow…. at the earliest, we are planning to begin Beta on Monday, August 18th. This gives us only one week to code all of the starting maps and add all of the monsters.

New Stuff
* New Skills (Monsters can have skills too) – including DOTs!
* Minimal’s new Stat and opposing element combat system!
* Canned Chat
* Improved interface
* New Monsters, Weapons, Character Classes
* Mod Tools
* Lots and lots and lots of Bug Fixes

Other neat development things!
We are adding bonus space to the rooms so that you can join your friends even when a room is full. The quest system is in place and we should have both reputation points and game-wide quest competion status working by the time we start Beta.

Beta will be progressive… which means we will release just a little bit to start, and add new things.. and more new things.. and more new things… so you can watch the game grow while you play (literally). When we hit full speed the game will start promoting our 13 super villians. If there is an existing AQ/DF/MQ villian you NEED to have as a main villian in this game.., please let us know ont he forums. We will have a good mix of brand new zone bosses as well as a few of our existing favorites.

Note: We may be putting the servers online from time to time next week. So check back often.

Battle on!

P.S. I sounded so serious in that post! Can someone submit a bug report for that so Zhoom, Minimal or Rolith can get that fixed?

July 30th,2008
Swordhaven: The Capital of Lore
When King Alteon invited you to Swordhaven… who would have thought he meant in our new MMO!? Famous for it’s knights, pizza and strange haircuts, this city is home to the royal family including the King and his THREE daughters. Below is a brand new sneak peak!

The Beta will start you…. here!
(Date to be announced soon)

DragonCon Panels
This year, the team is returning to DragonCon, the largest SciFi/Fantasy convention of the year which takes in Atlanta, Georgia starting August 29th. We will be holding TWO panels this year…. the first will be about all our games, and the second will be dedicated entirely to AdventureQuest worlds!

Gaming Track:
“Meet The AE Team” Aug 30th, Saturday 2:30pm
MMO track: “AQ Worlds” Aug 31st, Sunday 11:30am


July 24th,2008
I am coming home!
I have met so many wonderful people and learned so many great things here in Thailand. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced this.

As you read this my luggage is packed full of goodies for my family back at the secret underground lab (A dagger, an abacus, a cool “L” figure [Deathnote is huge here right now], a old chinese feng sui fourtune telling board [just like that one from Cowboy beebop], and a bunch of oddities including the scariest Macdonald’s clown I have ever seen.) I also have a collection of Thai movies made by the director and producers I met!

I am writing a short quest series based secretly on the Chao Phya river (the legendary river that runs through Thailand that my room looked over). I am going to ask Cysero if he would help me build this for DragonFable. I wish to incorporate the myths, creatures (Naga, Singhua) and ghost stories (Remind me to tell you about the legend of Nang Nak) into what has the potential of being the most beautiful quest chain of all time. You might like a little diversion after the insane non-stop action packed Dragon slaying that you are about to experience with the start of the Galanoth Saga! (

My next post will be from LA. See you soon! (Translations coming!)


July 23rd,2008
The missing post

It was here a moment ago… *looks around*… seriously!

Common Thai phrase of the day #5
Each day, special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Kor tod krub… Mar pom hang laew… Chuay aow mun ork jak microwave noi krub (Note: The speaker is a guy)
Excuse me.  My dog is dry now. Can you take him out of the microwave?

Forum Question: Today is my last full day in Thailand… what would you like the tomorrows, final, “common thai phrase of the day” to be? This one… is yours to choose!


July 22st,2008
Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who came to yesterday’s special “Bonus” Alpha Test. It was a huge success. It was incredible being half way around the world here in Thailand and still playing with all of you and the team. There were many objectives of this test — mostly to make sure we did not break anything with all of the code changes we have been making for Beta. We hope you had a good time and are looking forward to the next exciting release!


Coming next is the Beta release! Which means servers will be online continually, there will be new places, monsters items, features, and improved interface, speed…. actually just expect lots of NEW and plenty of IMPROVED! We may be doing imromptu mini-tests so check back often. I will be updating the design notes with sneak peaks of the new art!

Common Thai phrase of the day #4
Each day, special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Rahad lub sum rub rabob rak sa kwam plod pai kong khun kue arai?
What are the top secret security codes to your defense network?


July 21st,2008

We are currently preparing for todays bonus “Alpha Test” We should be starting…. hmmm.. check back soon for news!

Common Thai phrase of the day #3
Each day, special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Sia jai jing jing tee tumlaai kangkeng kong khun duay rungsee morana
I deeply apologize for disintegrating your pants with the death ray.


July 16th,2008
Special Test on Monday

Zhoom and Minimal need your help testing the new game features! Join us for a VERY special testing session and be the first to run a AQ Worlds quest! I will be updating the news here from Thailand while Zhoom and Minimal run the show from Tampa and Philadelphia. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? <smiles>

Thailand: Meeting a famous Director!
Today I had the honor of meeting one of Thailand’s top A-list directors, Nonzee Nimibutr. Sitting next to him as he effortlessly conducted a cast and crew of over 80 through complicated scenes with moving cameras and… OK… I just have to say, this was just the most impressive thing I have ever seen! I really wish you could have been with me. Nonzee has directed a number of motion pictures, music videos, and at least one TV show winning many director awards including “The most promising director in Asia” and “Best Asian Film”. The project I saw today was a 1970s Bangkok gangster show. He has an entire 4 story (I think) building for the show with a different set crafted into each room. They had a truck outside providing power to all of their equipment… cables ran everywhere through the building. Nonzee sat at a small TV with his producer (I accidentally stole the producers chair.) and staff on the top floor as cables ran down to the camera-men who slid along metal dollys with their lenses aimed at the cast of VERY beautiful actresses and nervous extras. The actors were so cool… if only there was martial arts in our gangster movies back home! How is it that every day here keeps topping the one before it? Even their toilet truck was the coolest thing I have ever seen! (Well, maybe not the coolest thing ever.. but it was very clean.) Yes, this trip has been life changing and inspirational…. to say the least!

Player: So, Artix… WHAT exactly are you doing in Thailand again?
Artix: Actually I am here to….
Player: … and you cannot use the word undead!
Artix: Nevermind…

Common Thai phrase of the day #2
Each day, special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Common Thai phrase of the day
Nan man kanom chai mai?
That was pudding… right?


July 14th,2008
The 7 People you meet in Thailand

I was invited to a party last night by Sukie, the star of a TV show here in Thailand called Dream Casers. He drives all over Asia on his motorbike exploring and documenting with his film crew and sidekick. We all watched the latest episode at the party and some VCD’s of his music band “Pru” as they rocked the MTV Asia Award stage on the night they recieved their 2002 award. What really caught me off guard, was when Sukie’s brother arrived. His name is Noi… in addition to being the lead singer of the band he is an Actor and… looked REALLY familiar! He was so incredibly modest so it took a bit of drilling before I finally discovered that he was the lead actor from the movie “13: Game of Death”, which ironically Galanoth and I rented from BlockBuster right before I left on this trip! (Note: It is a horror film with an R rating which is why I am not linking it here.) Now, it is important to note in Thailand everyone has two names! Your long formal name, and a nick name that your parents give you at birth… typically short and fun. So Sukie and Noi are their nick names. (I know your googling ways! *chuckles*) It is so inspiring meeting people like this who are achieving their dreams. I really wish you were here with me and could experience everything along side me. I have taken many photos and will post them somewhere for you to see soon. It is an honor to be here and it is unlikely I will return home the same old Artix…. a comment to which Cysero replied, “Good. Because, we would be really dissapointed if you did.” <Big smile> Now… it is time to see if I can find any new sneak peak screenshots for you!

FORUM QUESTION: We are all inspired by so many things in our lives: Our parents, stories, heros, friends… even movies! What is one thing that inspired you recently?

Common Thai Phrase of the day! (New)
Starting today, as a super special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Mai na… Nan man size pakati sum rub noo yak
No, that is a perfectly normal size for a giant mutant hamster.

July 12th,2008
Houses/Castles released in DragonFable!

Congratulations to Cysero, Geo, Rolith, Alac, Ghost, J6 and the entire DragonFable team for the successful release of the highly anticipated Housing/Castle system! You can now get your own house and decorate it with all sorts of cool stuff. You can even buy Cysero’s left sock! What are you waiting for?
Get your very own place in DragonFable!

P.S. You can also walk around other player’s homes! (Cysero’s ID# is 137382)

July 11th,2008
New DragonCon Panel

This just in! AQWorlds will be getting a panel all to itself at DragonCon this year. We are likely to embarrass ourselves greatly! Here is the write up that will be in the DragonCon Program guide:

AdventureQuest Worlds
How do you fit a massively multiplayer game in a web browser? Meet the friendly team from Artix Entertainment and find out! They are the creators of popular and campy web games AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest. Join them and see how they are bumbling their way through building their first MMO. See the game at before meeting the team… Battle on!

First Quests Working!
Minimal and Zhoom have the first quests working. Warlic now asks you to gather 5 Zard tails… because.. you know.. Wizards need that sort of stuff! Unfortunately there was a “LITTLE” bug and instead of gold being added up 500 + 100 = 600…. it was 500 + 100 = 500100. We should call this POWER GAMER MATH!

July 8th,2008
Knowing is Half the Battle-on!

Just in case you are ever sent on a secret mission to battle the evil undead in a country that speaks Thai, here are some important words to keep handy:

Zombie: Peedib (Also for Vampire/Undead)
Sword: Darb
Warrior: Nak-Rob
Mage: Por-Mod
Rogue: Joan

In unrelated news, our translator here also happens to be a producer on this cool movie about a Queen and two Princesses who defend their kingdom from a evil prince who can summon whales… oh and he has an army of pirates too! — Queens of Langkasukahai (PG13 looking trailer)

Forum Question: If we were to make a live action movie who would we cast to play the parts of the NPCs? (and more who would you want to play your character?)

July 7th,2008
Sa-wat-dee kraup!

That means hello in Thai
However, if you are a girl you say Sa-wat-dee-ah. Not sure what you say if you are a moglin though. In other news, I just had a very “Charlies’ Angels” phone meeting with everyone back at the secret underground lab…

12:30am EST At the Secret Underground lab
Artix: <on ominous speaker phone> Goodmorning angels!
Safiria, Nythera, Aisha, Jemini and Korin (who seems to be playing bosely): Goodmorning Charley!
Artix: So what is planned for this week?
Cysero: Housing/Castles in DragonFable!
Warlic: Police Station on the Planet Westion in MechQuest!
Galanoth: Spell Crafting in AdventureQuest!
Minimal: Skills and Quest Items for AQWorlds!
Safiria: Working on the new ShadowScythe T-shirts (which comes with a code to unlock a rare armor or mecha in ALL three games)
Artix: That is amazing!
Everyone: So what are you up to Artix?
Artix: Sleep! It is nearly midnight here in Thailand 🙂 But first… check this brand new, fresh out of the oven sneak peek screenshot!

New Sneak Peek Screenshot!
(Special thanks to Seppy for spilling the beans on what this city is
while planning his surprise attack. Soon, we will be exploring this new city together!)

Forum Question: What do you think of this glimpse of the new city?

Lord of Evil

Skeletal Minion

July 5th,2008

Sepulchure: While that goody two shoes Paladin is on a plane to Thailand…. it is time to ATTACK! All forces march on the Capital City of SwordHaven!
Chuckles: Ahahahahahaha….. ahem….. *hands note*
Sepulchure: <reads>
Sepulchure: …
Sepulchure: Are you serious?

Chuckles: Heh.
Sepulchure: WHAT DO YOU MEAN BETA HAS NOT STARTED YET? Are you seriously telling me that we have to wait?
Chuckles: <nod> <nod>
Sepulchure: ….
Chuckles: Ahahahahahahahahaha….
Sound FX: CRUSHHHHH!) <As he crushes chuckles under the pommel of his Doom Weapon>
Sepulchure: This was a test. A test of the Emergency Doom broadcast sysem. In the event of real Doom… YOU PATHETIC CITY WOULD BE REDUCED TO A BURNING PILE OF RUBBLE CRUMBLING UNDER THE FEET OF MY UNSTOPPABLE ARMY OF EVIL MONSTERS! TREMBLE IN FEAR KNOWING THETERRIBLE FATE THAT AWAITS YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS… <coughs> I… um… will check in again soon. Have a nice day.
<Stomps off in a passive agressive rage>
Chuckles: Hehehehe…..

To be continued….
Pa… L.A. …adin
July 4th,2008
Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. It is a very special day* and it is also my mother’s birthday! I hope you are having a fun and safe time tonight. Right now, we are having fireworks displays in all three games! Grab a screenshot if you can. Back home it is 1am tomorrow… HOWEVER…. it is 3 hours back in time here in in Los Angeles**. The next DN post will be coming to you live from Thailand!

* The day we were saved from Alien invaders by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum
** Take that Time Travel Faries!

Quite possibly the least exciting fireworks photo ever taken!

July 2nd,2008
Onward! To Tie land….
Where they make, um…, ties!
<pulls the suitcase over and opens it up>
I am getting packd for my flight. You may not know this, but we have drawn and coded a lot of game related things while traveling.
<Tosses in some red and white Twilly boxer shorts>
In fact, the very first AdventureQuest weapons were made on a plane trip from California.
<Grabs a handful of socks… strangely a number of the left ones are missing.>
We coded the DragonFable battle engine at a forest lodge with no internet access in Georgia during a hurricane. Actually, we have built a lot of releases further in-land during hurricanes.
<Squeezes his plate armor into the suitcase>
So, I guess, building the MMO while visiting another country for the first time seems almost like tradition! I have roughly 22 hours of air time to be productive*. The next post you will get from me will be from LA! I am going to meet with Miltonius there before hopping the big puddle** to Thailand. I am taking a camera and Twilly*** so I will post lots of pictures for you. It is going to be really interesting watching an MMO Beta being released while I am a country away!
<Grabs the Battleaxe>
Hmmm, now how am I going to get this through customs?

* Sleep
** Do you mean “The Ocean” Artix?
*** Maybe Zorbak, but he has to stop trying to re-animate last nights sushi first!

FORUM QUESTION: I am looking forward to trying new types of food while I am away. What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten? (Even if it was something insane a friend made you eat!)

June 30th,2008
New Servers

We now have our first 6 new servers installed for AQWorlds! You may have noticed that we were offline for a few hours Monday morning. The official reason is here.

I received a message saying, “I love how your “official statements” referring to system downtime and service outages reference a completely fantasy-based fall guy, a secret underground lab and radiation…. scratch that… COOL radiation posioning.

In other news we are hard at work on the BETA content. By the end of the day today we should have a PORTAL! This is a truimph…. I am making a note here, huge success.


(Note my eyebrows are less bushy than on the 24th!)

June 27th,2008
Custom Item Crafting

AdventureQuest Worlds is really shaping up. One extremely important feature is going to be customization. Especially… custom weapons! As you read this, Zhoom is restructuring the database to allow you to make your own items. So, exactly wow will you make your own weapons? Read on!

Weapon Design + Enchancements = New Weapon

Of course you will be able to obtain pre-made (and some VERY rare) weapons all over the world. But also, you will be able create your own. This starts by getting a weapon design. The design will show you what the final product will look like and some facts about it (Like element and how wild the damage range is). Then, you will take the design to one of many forges where you will choose the enhancements to forge it with. This means you can make a brand new weapon, that is your level, with stats tailored to your class!

You take the “Sizzlord’s Sword of Fiery Carnage Design” to the level 35 forge where you select the “Berserker’s Weapon Kit” package. Hit the button and PRESTO! You just created a brand new weapon:

Sizzlord’s Sword of Fiery Carnage
Level 35
Damage: 450 to 550
+10 Strength
+5% to Critical Strike

As you might have guessed… there will be a wide variety of common designs and many rare and challening to get ones! Forges and places to make other items will also be upgradable. Furthermore we are talking about allowing you to break down a weapon at a special shop to get the design back. This means you can reforge it into a higher level weapon! Combine this with the “merge shops” that we already have working, and the possibilities for crafting and making things become endless! (We really think you will enjoy this insane level of customizability)

Server Order
In other news, I just approved the order of a number of servers (including that insane database server we talked about a while back.) Guys… we are really doing this… we are about to have an AdventureQuest MMO!

June 26th,2008

While we continue working on the MMO content I have some exciting news to share with you.

As you may know I live in the United States. During my life I have lived on both coasts, been up to Canada* and below the border, down in Mexico**. However, I have never been left or right across the big puddles! So it is going to be a huge adventure traveling with my parents to Thailand next month. Sadly it is not a recreational trip, BUT, it is a great chance to pretend I am Jean Claude Van Damme and learn a new style of kickboxing***! While I will still be working abroad (actually, you should not even notice I am somewhere else… except, of course.. I will be talking about it the whole time), Galanoth will be here at the lab like some sort of spooky clone. He is going to live at my home, sit in my chair next to Zhoom, and even walk Daimyo while I am gone! Now, if we can just get the voice changer working inside this Scooby Do style mask….

* Where Cysero appearenly owns half an island which is probably called something like Leftsockland
** As an Undead Slayer I feel really mislead by Dia De Los Muertos! (Day of the Dead)
*** 2 Minutes Later: Artix! Stop kicking the Palm trees with your shin and get back to work on the MMO!

1.) Anyone here live in Thailand?
2.) What kind of places have you traveled… and did you have any fun experiences? I am really curious what the game stores in Thailand are going to look like!

June 24th,2008
Woah… a Really Nice Review!

Suite101 hosts a collection of polite, informative and helpful articles. In the midst of a sea of articles written to help parents protect their children from the dangers of the internet… look at what an amazing review they wrote about AdventureQuest!

P.S. Today I am building new quest templates with Minimal. Every day we get closer to the Beta release. Which brings us to the Forum Question: What was your favorite AQ, DF or MQ quest (or quest chain)?


June 23th,2008
Liquid Cooling
This is a special design notes post for everyone who loves doing terrible, terrible things to computer hardware! (As if I have not had enough computer woes recently *cries*)

Liquid cooling is a great way to reduce heat caused by twin geforce video cards, an ageias physics card and a quad core processor. The green coolant runs through strategically placed hoses inside the computer. Sure, it keeps your system cool, but what if you are thirsty?

Liquid Cooling - What NOT to do!

ARTIX!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT DID YOU DO?
Before that, I feel ethically and morally obligated to strongly discourage anyone from drinking glowing green coolant. Alright… so I spent all of the previous weekend getting my desktop back up and running. This weekend, I woke up early and eager to begin work and hit the power button… BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. It sounded off crazy warning messages and after messing with it for two hours I had actually managed to make the beeps worse. So it was off to talk to Alienware technical support. The representive was awesome and we gutted the system one component at a time and played musical chairs with jumpers until BINGO success! Then, after nearly 4 hours the machine was about to boot for the first time and…. (SoundFX) Psfffffssssssssssfffffttttt! *blinks * Oh no!

That is not a good sound! The technical support rep says, “What is going on?” I was trying to decide between the answers:

A.) I think an angry snake was teleported into the box!

… instead, here is what really happened…

Artix: *Holds the phone up to the computer* Can you hear?
Tech Support: That is alright as long as you do not see a dri…
Artix: It just started dripping.
Tech Support:
(It is important to note here exactly how long we had worked on solving the original problem. This really felt like the fates were just being cruel.)
Tech Support: Do you have a knife and a container sir?
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!
Artix: !!!!!!!!

DigispleenSo, that is how I got to saw open my liquid cooling tubes with a steak knife. Fourtunately my trusty camera was near and we took some pictures for you. So with Death Note-book gone, and my desktop sliced, diced and shipped back for repairs I will be working on your MMO using this home-made machine built from wood, duct tape, and a few parts that Sir Ver may not realize he is missing.

FORUM QUESTION: What was your worst computer story?

New AQWorlds behind the scenes stuff coming tomorrow!

DragonFable War!
MechQuest War!

June 19th,2008
I loved all of your suggestions on the forums for the Pizza Shop names. J6 is drawing the shop now! I have narrowed it down and we are figuring out which one it will be the old fashioned way…. NERF GUN DUELS! (My trusty 6 shooter will not let me down.)

All of this pizza talk caused us to go to my place and actually order pizza last night. We played rock band and laughed until pretty late into the night. This morning we got in early… I do not know if I mentioned this, but J6 is attempting to do the entire new Captital city in TWO Days. Miltonius is working on the NPCs and Minimal is working on adding new features to the game. While we work on this… I would like to ask your help on the most important item in the entire game….

Name the most important thing in the game!
There is an ancient and magical tome which holds the secrets of the world. It also happens to be a handy reference guide to becoming the greatest hero in the land.. an ArchKnight! Unique to our world, this book’s magically self-writing pages will give the reader quests sending them on perilous adventurers against great evil (although, it is prone to the occasional typo…)

FORUM QUESTION: What should we name it?

The Lore Grimoire
ArchKnight for Dummies
The Quest Log (We should have a stump in game called this)
Mystical Tome of NewPunland
The Magic Phone Book

… any ideas?

RPG DOT Interview
Valencia and I did an interview at RPGdot. I would like to thank everyone in chat who helped me with it on monday! (The AFK one just kills me)

MechQuest News
It is now possible to walk around other player’s Starships. You can go to a random one, or you can enter someone’s ID# if you know it. Also, it looks like there is trouble brewing on the Planet of Westion… time for the first off-world WAR!?

The Calm Before the Storm
June 18th,2008
(Note: Homepage is updated! A special thanks to Safiria for making all the calls to get my software key usable. I have software again!)
While the AQ, DF, and MQ are on fire with all their great releases, those of us working on AQW have locked the doors* and begun top secret work** on the MMO. We now have a world plot… we even know when this game takes place in the timeline of our other games***! I spent a good amount of time on the phone with Falerin, and many talks with Cysero and Warlic about storyline to ensuring that we do not impact the existing games long term plans****.

* If you find a key laying around please let us know. We cannot get out.
** Secret n. – A confidential piece of information that will inevitably be leaked all over the design notes causing the staff to be really surprised when the players already know the secrets before it is released.
*** Just thinking about it may make brains explode.
**** For example: Killing all of the important NPCs we intend to use in AQW. “What do you mean Artix is DEAD!?”

Because AdventureQuest Worlds is a brand new game we want to go in brand new directions. New places to explore. New Villians. New NPCs. New Stories and Plotlines. At the same time, we want to continue our existing world bring many of the things we love with us. I will leak this ONE thing today. On the first day of the Beta, you will see what happened to all of the Knights from Oaklore keep! (Big promotion!)

Forum Question: There is a Pizza shop in this new starting city. This is a place of significant importance to both the TV show and the MMO. It needs a funny name…. a medieval version of Mecharoni Pizza. Any ideas?

Serious Pirate vs Ninja Fight!
(Who will win… who will win….)
Ninja vs. Pirate
Trial by Software!
June 17th,2008
Greetings and salutations! I would have written yesterday but embarrassingly my Flash and Dreamweaver trials ran out. *gulps* Alright… it is not what you think (Although the thought of us designing a major MMO on trial software is pretty funny). After Death Note-book* was stolen from me I got a temporary Sony Vaio (Which Cysero calls the “Scotty Baio”) as a replacement machine. But I ordered a bigger, badder replacement which was originally supposed to arrive a few days ago. I did not want to use my key on a temporary computer** just in case it limited how many times you could apply it (This happened with Photoshop two computers ago forcing me to buy another copy) But the computer is late… and my Trial ran out on Friday. I started putting my temp laptop into hibernate mode instead of closing the programs… lol. It was really sad. I could normally just use my machine at home but my home computer’s hard drive (shame on me for raid 0) became corrupted and I could not work on that one either. So then, as the perfect punchline I finally submit to using my key on the temp laptop… but then I find out the key will not work with the software! (Because I installed the trial versions of individual programs instead of the CD Web Suite which I own.) So now… round #3! You will know I won when (if) you see an update on the homepage. I am going in! In the mean time, FORUM QUESTION: What new shops would you like to see in the MMO starting town. I want to go a little more wild like Soluna City in MechQuest… what are the most bizarre shops we could put in a fantasy town? (Example: Modern Times – A restaurant where people dress up in 20th century “modern” clothes to entertain the fantasy-dressed customers? There could even be a dinner show where you get to watch accountants at work!) See you on the forums!

* If you read the DragonFable design notes you may remember the tale of my black and very evil laptop, Death Note-book… it was cursed and likely had mind control powers.
** Korin, the MechQuest animator will be replacing his machine with the “Scotty Baio”

Alpha is now Complete!
Next Stop Beta… now with Carotene
Things went so well yesterday that the team is comfortable and confident in taking the next step. How do you guys feel about starting Beta? *Watches as Sir Ver Faints*

It is nearly unbelievable what our tiny team did in just a few months. Just looking at the major hurdles Minimal and Zhoom overcame in the last two weeks is enough to make anyones jaw drop.

Now, we just need about two weeks to build new content (Weapons, Monsters, Quests, Prizes), add some new features then start the Beta phase for you! I guess we should come up with a plot that allows us to include elements from all three of the existing games. I am thinking a giant portal. Do you have any ideas?

*whispers* Also, we may need some help testing in between, so check back often! I will update this page with sneak peak screenshots and news. See you on the forums! MMO BETA HERE WE COME!

A Parent’s Letter
I received this letter from an awesome Parent and wanted to share it with you.

Thank you for providing a safe gaming environment- not only for kids, but many adults appreciate clean living too. 🙂 My son is especially enjoying the alpha testing of your latest game [you make him feel needed to be a tester] and want to encourage you to keep the “G and PG” site rating. 🙂 THANKS!

Sir-Ver Fan Video
WOAH! You have to see this video made by Lil Boi Blue that I was sent this morning. Reens is getting his permission for us to host the file and show you now!

DragonFable: Friday 13th
Every Friday the 13th since the release of DragonFable an evil army of the undead has marched to attack our beloved town of Falconreach.


On the only Friday the 13th of the year…
The grand Finale of the Necropolis Saga…
There will be an undead invasion….
But it will be the villagers and heroes of Falconreach…
Onward to the Necropolis… for some much deserved payback!

Happening now at

(Special Design Notes will be posted by Grand Necromancer Noxus, as his city of undead is mercilessly attacked by…. us!? It sure is weird being on the other end of an undead invasion… lol!)

Test #5 Results
That was a complete success. We were online for over 6 hours with all systems functioning great! We were even able to start fixing a lot of lesser bugs “live” while you were playing. Zhoom, Minimal and myself are going to have a meeting tonight to go over the results. If this engine is as stable as it looks, then we are going to start creating new functionality (you suggested a lot!) and adding more things for you to do and get!

Barber Sweeny
Who said the barber class was not dangerous!

Zhoom and his Big 100K
Zhoom is wielding a Big 100K!
Play by Play
Updated By Artix
6:15 Victory Celebration!
6:00 Server Shutting Down
5:00 Sir Ver is back online!
4:45 Cysero updated the DragonFable Design Notes
4:30 Sorry for the inturruption! Servers going STAFF ONLY for a few minutes while we test the latest release.
3:13 What is really fascinating… is that we are working on the game right now, this very moment, as you are playing on it. Meanwhile, we have had some big VIP vistors stop by to see what we were up to today!
2:00 The server has been online for 2 hours and is running very stable! We are doing a quick fix to stop a bug that is generated when your player blinks. This means, for a little while at least, you should not attempt any staring contests unless you are willing to wait A LONG time!
1:36 Cysero said he was talking to a few awesome players on dial-up and they said it was playing smooth! We are still fixing bugs. Miltonius add… A LOT more hair styles (as can be found in Room 42 of Yulgars Inn)
1:17 Minimal: New engine ready to push live. This includes the /r and exitcombat() fixes
1:05pm Around 2K players online, little to no lag. Combat is beautiful and fast!
1:00pm We are rolling out a update that will fix several bugs! Cross your fingers (or if you find some skeletal fingers in the graveyard you can cross those too)
12:30pm We are collecting bugs and will attempt to fix them on the fly. Be on the looking for incoming server restarts!
12:15pm The lag is very good with 1,500 concurrent players. There are a few issues that are being reported:
High Noon (Better than Low Noon) Sir Ver is online! Go little fella go!
Sir Ver Party!11:55am 5 minute countdown… (hang on a moment, I just need to upload some files.)
11:50am 10 minute countdown….
11:45am Final staff walkthrough to make sure everything is working. (Being ready more than 2 seconds before going life is a… really… wierd… feeling….)
11:35am Minimal called and let us know that he had some sort of a brake failure in his car. It was a little staticy (if staticy is not a real word it should be!) so I had a hard time understanding the next part. Something about giant gathering of clowns… big shoes and red noses everywhere… but while he was getting a tow to the dealership he told us to try to go live anyway. What could possibly go wrong?
11:30am We are 30 mins from release!
11:00am My Mother’s computer’s harddrive failed so she just sent it over for us to look at. Zhoom and I are going to attempt a little surgery! Now… would anyone mind coming over and lifting the 2 pound computer onto the table and plugging it in for us?
10:45am Zhoom and I just got back from repeatively lifting heavy objects at the gym. It is very important to have that feeling of “OMG MY ARMS ARE GOING TO POP” while conducting a major computer game release! So if there are any delays… it is likely we do not have the strength to move the mouse.
8:00am It is a bright and sunny day. Birds chirp, a gentle breeze sents the smell of summer flowers through the morning air as as Sir Ver hides in the closet, shaking and sending out emails for help…. must be Alpha Test #5 day! Here we go!

Also: Minimal added a new feature
Many of you comment that it was not possible to send private messages to a player with spaces in their name. Now, you can send a PM to a user with spaces in their name like this:
Name > Message
The “>” character will automatically reformat the text entry panel the way “/w playername” does, except that it preserves spaces in the player’s name. To respond to a PM, press SHIFT + >

Test #5 Today!
At High Noon: Ultimate Showdown
Are you ready? We think Sir Ver finally is*! This MMO is ready for Alpha Test #5 were it will be online all day (possibly some of the night for you International players) starting at high Noon** (EST) today. We wanted to go live immediately, but everyone is (especially poor Minimal — he just re-coded half of the engine… over night… again…) exhausted and will need a good nights rest after we finish the final round of bug testing later today. This means tomorrow, for the first time in AE history we will go live with well tested files that we are not editing 2 seconds before making them live for you***. Our goal is to run Alpha Test #5 with 2500 to 5000 players online, no lag and all existing bugs resolved. Combat and respawns will be working so you can earn some gold and get that Big 100K Sword***. This is a real shot at a stable MMO engine… see you at 12:00pm EST tomorrow to crash it!

* Ready to explode that is.
** Hopefully the only duel in this showdown will be Sir Ver’s dual core processors.
*** 100g says we end up editing files 2 seconds before going live.
**** … and matching silverware set including the Legendary Spork of Antidisestablishmentarianism +2 that was once used by Princess Michelle of the Tri-Kingdom Alliance to eat the worlds hottest bowl of curry during an all-Princess extreme chili eating contest. Note: Robina took second place. (I declare a 20pt DN inside-joke bonus for appropriate usage of ALL terms mentioned on the homepage yesterday!) See you tomorrow for the play by play – Artix

onRPG Interview
June 11th,2008
In DragonFable, the Necropolis Saga is gearing up for the grand Finale starting Friday! It was the perfect timing for this brand new interview on onRPG featuring Twilly, Zorbak and myself. I am sure they took out all of the embarrasing stuf…. oh no….

Never have I had more fun and laughs reading an interview.” – Senior Editor Brian Perry Jr.

onRPG DragonFable Interview with Artix

Minimal is a super bug fixer
Check back shortly for an announcement that is 99% likely to contain the words, “This MMO”, “Online all Day”, and “Later today”… maybe “#5″… however it is less likely to contain words such as, “Spork” or “Antidisestablishmentarianist” and proper names such as “Michelle”. Although that is a really lovely name.

Also: Minimal added a new feature
Many of you comment that it was not possible to send private messages to a player with spaces in their name. Now, you can send a PM to a user with spaces in their name like this:
Name > Message
The “>” character will automatically reformat the text entry panel the way “/w playername” does, except that it preserves spaces in the player’s name. To respond to a PM, press SHIFT + >

Alpha Test #4 Results
Note: The next test, #5 starts on Thursday!
AC_FL_RunContent( ‘codebase’,’,0,28,0&#8242;,’width’,’150′,’height’,’175′,’align’,’right’,’title’,’Sir Ver Bugs!’,’src’,’flash/fun/sirver-bugs’,’quality’,’high’,’pluginspage’,’;,’movie’,’flash/fun/sirver-bugs’ ); //end AC code
<object classid=”clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000″ codebase=”,0,28,0&#8243; width=”150″ height=”175″ align=”right” title=”Sir Ver Bugs!”> <param name=”movie” value=”flash/fun/sirver-bugs.swf” /> <param name=”quality” value=”high” /> <embed src=”flash/fun/sirver-bugs.swf” width=”150″ height=”175″ align=”right” quality=”high” pluginspage=”; type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”></embed> </object>

sir Ver is the chamption! As you may have been reading, Minimal rewrote the entire communication portion of the engine this weekend to remove the lag issues. So during Test #4 our goal was to have 2,500 players on Sir Ver at the same time with no lag and all combat zone and shop features active


  • 3,000+ Players Online with little to no lag!
    (The server held great until a server code bug exploded)
  • Bandwidth usage reduced by over 91% since Alpha #1
    (We were under 1mbps without combat)
  • 120716 views of this page over an hour
    Not really relevant, but holy smokes!
  • Things were smooth for about 30 minutes until the rooms started to recycle showing a bug that could only happen with a high volume of players online. This was a serious bug that required us to take Sir Ver offline. As you can surely imagine we are working on fixing this new bug ASAP!

Preparing for Tuesday Testing
June 10th,2008
Alpha Test #4 Completed
The results have been posted on the homepage. The play by play can be read below!

Last time… on AQ Worlds…
Our hero, Sir Ver, fought bravely to overcome the hulking lag monster and a unstoppable horde of bugs — and won! But was that a true and final victory? Or shall “lag-asaurus rex” rise (slowly) again to snare us in his world freezing gaze. Find out today…. in Alpha Test #4: The ONE before 5!

The goal of the this test is to have 2,500 players online at the same time with no lag with all combat, zone and shop features active. We will be releasing the secret armor that wil be unlocked by the Captain Rhubarb Nametag, and offering a few new items in the shops. Please help spread the word… Sir Ver goes online at 3pm EST!

Alpha Test Progress
Updated by Artix ( 12595 page views since 2:30pm)
4:40pm *Chuckling* How come my parents always call me in the middle of major fix? Minimal is currently working on the bug and said he would like to wait until he is 100% sure the bug is fixed before bringing up the servers. This looks like an early end to todays testing — sorry it was so abrupt. The next release has a shot at being flawless, and it is all thanks to your help today. So, what to do now?
AdventureQuest – Devourer Saga Finale! (3 Years in the making)
DragonFable – Dragon Birthday special!
MechQuest – Planet Westion release
EbilGames – New mini-game coming next week!

4:35pm Sir Ver is Offline… more coming shortly.
4:20pm Server restart to apply fixes. Hold on to your helms!
4:05pm Success – and many new bugs found!
I would like to thank everyone for coming today — this was a huge success. Over 3K players online with little to no lag. Unfortunately, some new bugs appeared as a result of the rewrite that caused many bugs including:
– No Monster Respawns
– Game Stalls when loading (Stuck at “Joining Lobby”)
– Difficulty changing areas
As funny as it sounds.. these are good problems to have. They are good because thse new problems are easy ones… we already overcame the tough problems! Stay tuned for information about the next exciting Alpha release. We are officially a stones throw away from Beta. Oh.. and one more thing. Helping to test an Alpha is a difficult things to do. We really appriciate all of your help and are so eager to have a fully functional, stable and amazingly fun game for you soon! Just imagine all of the new areas we will be able to explore together soon!

3:53pm 120716 page views to this homepage since 2:30… that is just insane.
3:25pm 3K+ achieved. Error; Sir Ver is attempting to read dozens of thousands of properties from objects that are not being created correctly. Considering this, he is holding up great! Our objective for today’s test is officially a success!
3:25pm 2945 Players online – Go Sir Ver go! Lag is nice!
3:21pm 2764 Players online – Getting some chat lag. Checking on Sir Ver to see how he is doing. Back in a moment!
3:15pm 2520 Players online – Ser Vir actually seems to be getting faster
3:14pm 2242 Players online – Ser Vir holding steady!
3:13pm 1831 Logins in the first minute.
3:10pm Sir Ver… is online!
2:53pm Rolling out the files… preparing to go live.
2:45pm 15 minutes until Sir Ver goes online! We just added Ninja and Barber armors. Oh, and do not forget, there are 5 new weapons including the Big 100K which can purchased for gold in Yulgar’s inn.

Serious Pirate vs Ninja Fight!
(Who will win… who will win….)
Ninja vs. Pirate

2:30pm Only 30 minutes until showtime!
2:23pm The scroll buttons for your inventory are bugged. I apologize that we will not be able to fix this until after the release. Until then, the green recycle icon will delete the currently selected inventory item (this will change later as we intend to use a different icon and prompt you
2:15pm We are just 45 minutes away from the release — getting exciting! I checked the database and there are currently twenty four thousand accounts created for AQ Worlds so far. Not bad for a Alpha that has only been around for a week!
1:55pm Cysero just made a major announcement on the DragonFable Design Notes! The upgraded DragonLord Armor looks… amazing!
1:40pm Which color do you like better for the DF/MQ ShadowScythe T-Shirt: Red or Black?
1:35pm You can now turn Private Messages ON/OFF using the commands: /pmon and /pmoff
1:25pm – The shop has been added to Yulgar’s inn. We are also adding a new Alpha Armor Token! Minimal has all of his parts ready. Zhoom is working on a REALLY bizzare bug which is causing our new shop to do very very very bad things.
1:00pm – 5 New Weapons have been added to the Database
12:30pm We have 4 or 5 bugs to fix (Centipide, Spider, Bee, Fly, and a Time Travel Fairy) Now that I think of it… Sir Ver is basically an insect farm!
12:10pm DragonFable is preparing to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of when the Dragons started hatching… and DragonLords once again protected the skies.
12:00pm How is it that Cynthia is always working at Starbucks on release days. Once again today’s alpha release will be secretly powered by her extremely caffinated coffee.

Red vs Black Forum Poll
ShadowScythe T-shirts

ShadowScythe T-Shirts

Preparing for Tuesday Testing
June 9,2008
We still cannot get over how well Sunday went. Again, I would like to thank everyone who came at the last minute to help. Minimal had rewritten the ENTIRE communication part of the multiplayer game engine in just a few days. This was no easy task and it changed how literally everything in the game worked. We knew there would be a bunch of little bugs since we did not have enough time to get everything working, but the lag problem was fixed! In fact, Sir Ver’s bandwidth, processor and RAM usage were all awesome. So — we have pretty high hopes for tomorrow. It is realy exciting to get something this complex and difficult. Our reward is that once the engine is stable, we can start working on fun things like places to go, new monsters, new skills, classes/armors, building weapons, and trying out some new things that can only be done in an MMO. If tomorrow’s test is a success…. we would be “ahead of schedule” and only a stones throw away from moving to Beta.

Testing will start at roughly 3pm tomorrow! We are adding the special armor that your “Captain Rhubarb Nametag” will unlock and a few new items to aquire.

In other awesome news… tomorrow is the one year anniversary of when Dragon’s hatched in DragonFable. Furthermore, in the only Friday the 13th of the year they are ending the Necropolis Saga with a serious twist! Castles/Starships are being prepared to be implimented in DragonFable and MechQuest. It is going to be killer week!

June 9,2008
“Um… hey guys… it looks like we have a working MMO!”

3rd times the charm
We would like to thank everyone who helped us with the special MMO test on Sunday. Over 1750 players came with no warning to help test. It was amazing! There was little-to-no lag, and all systems performed better than expected. Our plan of infusing Sir Ver with 6 double shots of expresso seemed to work perfectly! (…it is slightly possible that those two straight days of coding without sleep that Minimal did may have helped too.)

Play by Play as updated by Artix
6:05pm Sir Ver Offline… Zzzz…. zzzzzz….. nighty night Sir Ver.
6:05pm Sir Ver going offline in 10 minutes
6:00pm Test Results: Success (Sir Ver going offline in 15 minutes)
5:44pm 1746 Players Online. For a out of the blue test on a Sunday evening this was great! We know there are two more major issues in the engine which will improve performance even more. Tomorrow For Tuesday, be sure to tell all your friends so we can do an even bigger test. We will also be releasing the item that your Captain Rhubarb Nametag will unlock!
5:35pm 1702 Players Online with no notable lag! (This is a huge success so far) I apologize for not being able to respond to everyones tells. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and excitement! I would love to take a video of my screen so you can see how insanely fast the pms roll in. It is nearly impossible just reading them all before they scroll of the screen!
5:26pm 1532 Players Online. Our plan of infusing Sir Ver with 6 double shots of expresso seems to be working perfectly! (it is slightly possible that those two straight days of coding without sleep that Minimal did may have helped too.)
5:22pm 1413 Players Online… lag is great. Processor usage is perfect. Bandwidth, much better. There seems to be a problem leaving zones that have monsters in them.
5:22pm Combat is mighty broken (Well, autoattack has stopped working. But your skills will still function.) We knew a lot of things would be really buggy — but WOW, 1150 people online and almost no lag!
5:17pm Sir Ver… ONLINE!
5:09pm Sir Ver… Hey… get back here. *chases him around the lab* Everyone is waiting on you.

Sir Ver “WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! Website only says 100! Sensors detect nearly 2,000 users! h.e.l.p.”

5:02pm If you are playing on the old client, please log out and wait for the new link. The old client will send bad data and break the test.
4:54pm Did you notice that DragonBall Z picked us up as a sponsor? *points to the right* I hate ads, but as you may already know I am a HUGE DBZ fan. Just do not tell them that I would have promoted anything with Goku in it for free (Shhh!)
4:53pm We are going to release this test with a few bugs still in… the Boss monster in the Forest zone will not be attackable.
4:50pm Pae says if DF has Bugs, and MQ has Gremlins… can AQW have Geckos? (I feel insurance jokes coming on.)
4:48pm Note: If you recreated your account last week, you now have a Captain Rhubarb Name-Tag. This will be usable tomorrow!
4:43pm Thank you for watching the site to help with this mini-test. We are getting close, just one major bug left to squish. The goal for today is to monitor the performance of the messaging system which was rebuilt from scratch to address the lag problem. If all goes well, we are going to attempt a big test tomorrow with a goal of 2,500 simultanious users and little to no lag.
4:25pm We are getting random error messages in town. This is likely a result of the last two things we fixed.
4:05pm Boss monster bug. Minimal is working on correcting the issue.
3:45pm Pushing Testing time back to 4:30
3:30pm “Waves of Monsters” broke. Removing that for this test.

Mulligan Make Up
Captain Rhubarb has given everyone who re-created their accounts 10,000 gold and a commemorative “My name is Captain Rhubarb” name tag. These will appear on your account when you log in during the next testing. (You will be like what the name tag unlocks!)

The Bionic Sir Ver!
June 6th, 2008
We can rebuild him… stronger… faster…. better…. *

We are rebuilding the game engine. We expect to be done by Monday**. Then prepare for the next round of testing! While we were very happy with the progress from the last test, you helped us find a lot more things we could fix! Our goal? Completely remove lag and have up to 5,000 players per server. If at first you do not succeed… code and code again!*** Check back on Monday (Although we may need help with mini-tests during the weekend.)

* Does anyone have $6,000,000 I can borrow?
(That was a Bionic man [aka the 6 million dollar man] reference for those of you who missed out of the 80s. So all of you venture captitalists please stop emailing me. Nancy Regan says, “No means No!”)
** Insane you say? How do we pull this off? The secret is it is actually easier to collect all 7 DragonBalls and wish for it to be done than doing the work.
*** We tried putting 1 million monkeys in front of Macromedia Flash for a period of infinity to see if they would create an MMO… but all they ended up writing was some Shakespeare.

Sir Ver “That tickles…..”
Tickle me Sir Ver will be this holiday season’s hot toy! Parents will battle like UFC cage fighters to get one of these cuddly electronic friends from your local toy store bin. Then, just like the real Sir Ver you can try to have 5,000 of your friends play with him at the same time and see what happens….

P.S. We just posted some of your youTube videos of the alpha! We would love to post some of your screenshots from the Alpha if you have some. We could use some of your screenshots for the screenshots area. In unrelated news, Randor the Red made me a new AQworlds avatar for the Design Notes. I am going to use it as soon as he sends it over. Oh… is there any little features or something easy we can put in the next test for you? Let us know on the forums!

Mulligan Day!
June 4th, 2008
Mulligan – verb. A golf term where a second shot permitted without penalty. It is a do-over. Although we will attempt to do this without wearing funny pants.

It was a complete redo of Monday’s Alpha test. We lost all of your data so everyone (even us) must recreate our accounts. We apologize sincerely for this — please remember we are still in Alpha — anything can happen!

Captain Rhubarb gave everyone who re-created their accounts 10,000 gold and a commemorative “My name is Captain Rhubarb” name tag. These will appear on your account when you log in during the next testing.

AQWorlds Undead Boss Monster
Drakaath and ThePaladinx2 gets the killing blow on the Undead Boss

Alpha Test 0.002 Results
Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated in todays testing! It was a massive improvement over monday and thanks to your help we know exactly what to do next. Goal #1 is to make the little Sir Ver able to support 5,000 players (with no lag) all on his own. Once that is stable… the real fun begins. Wish us luck!

6:05pm Sir Ver goes to sleep
Sir ver says, “Zzzzz…..Zzzzzz…..Zzzzzz……”
The next step will be to revise the code to further reduce lag. The game played great during the end of the testing with about 2,000 players on. We understand why now and will be applying the appropriate fixes over the next few days. Meanwhile, Captain Rhubarb is adding the above mentioned special things to your account! Check in tomorrow to see when the next test will take place and what new things will be added!

5:43pm Sir Ver will be going offline at 6:00pm EST (We will try to be a little late. Admin messaging broke — but you know what to do at 6pm!)
5:15pm We are going to leave Sir Ver on until we wrap up for the day. Enjoy!
4:44pm Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help us test today. We are finding lots of things we can improve in the next set of game fixes. We are running better than monday with nearly twice as many players on. (18Mbps which is much better than the 90Mbps from Monday). That is a step in the right direction! Our primary focus will be to fix lag first, then move on to the fun game play improvements.
4:06pm Poor Sir Ver *pat pats* It looks like the /tell system got stuck in an infinate loop so we cannot broadcast messages anymore. Normal chat is working fine, just a bit laggy.
3:56pm New Record: 2237 players on Sir Ver. We found some new things to fix!
3:47pm New Record: 2108 players on Sir Ver.
3:43pm New Record: 1876 players on Sir Ver.
3:40pm Sir Ver is online!
Sir ver says, “There… are so many of y…. OMG!!!!!!!!”
3:30pm Rolling files…. we are about to go live with Alpha 0.002
Sir ver says, … *gulp*
3:10pm Everything seems ot be working except Combat which just broke. We need a few more minutes to correct the error and roll the files out.
Sir ver says, “Put that back. I need that!”
3:02pm Sir Ver is now Running… lets crash the poor little fella!
Sir Ver says, “WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH Wo…..”
I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our online community who also happens to be our Alpha Test Development Server. He may be small, but he has a big heart processor. Please meet your Alpha Test Sir Ver….

Sir Ver “All systems gone! prepare for downcount!
Note: The development Sir Ver is now running… away.

P.S. Miltonius started drawing him around 400 votes. Honest and on my honor we did not start making him until after the contest started and it became apparent who the winner was going to be. You can call him Ver for short. Now lets get him plugged in and get start the show!
2:54pm Please make sure you have verified your accounts using the links on the menu. Only verified Guardians, DragonLords and Star Captains will be able to participate in the Alpha and Beta phases.
2:50pm Dark clouds begin to form outside the secret underground lab. The rooms go oddly silent as the peaceful hum of computers fills the air. The smell of doom surrounds us….. MMO Alpha 0.002 goes live in 10 minutes.
2:45pm 15 minutes till show time! You can almost hear the faint, fearful whimpering of our development server. Hmmm.. I wonder what it’s name will be. Find out in just a little bit!
2:37pm Reens just let a sneak peak of the Barber class. Tsk tsk!
2:30pm HALF HOUR TO GO! (Zhoom says it is looking good)
2:19pm Voting for the name of the server will close at 2:50pm
2:14pm Minimal stayed up all night (again) last night rewriting the communication part of the server. In addition to solving the big bug, he also began reducing the overall amount of information sent every time you do something. Which means, if this part works, we can break something entirely new during todays stress test! I am going to go check on them and see what the ETA for release is. This new version of the game is going to come hot right out of the oven! So be careful not to touch the plate…. *chuckles* Rogues and Mages should be fine.
1:45pm We are getting close. Keep your fingers crossed. Cysero is going to cross his left socks.
1:30pm Minimal, Zhoom and Reens are fixing bugs on the game server. We should get one of those anti-flea and tick collars for the alpha server. *pat pats* It will be alright little fella. Want a server treat? Kibbles and BITS!
1:17pm New Poll us up! (Alac & Reens just informed me that I destroyed the last one) Time for a recount — ironic that I live in Florida.
12:50pm Yesterday, you made suggestions for the name of our beloved (and slightly abused) mmo alpha server. The staff picked out their favorites, and now it is up to you to vote for the winner on the forums!
12:46pm 1,000+ accounts created in the first minute.
12:45pm New User Registration is Open! Create your character!
12:30pm The fixes are almost done. Registration will open at 12:45. Note: As a result of this fix, the color customization was removed from the hoods that are available
12:30pm The fixes are almost done. Registration will open at 12:45. Note: As a result of this fix, the color customization was removed from the hoods that are available during character creation. New color customizable hoods that you can aquire will be available in game later.
12:00pm As we were moving the game files to the live server some recently updated skins contained incompatable code and broke new user sign up. We are reverting the files manually and will have registration open ASAP.
11:45am The accute observation was made yesterday that your two MMO programmers, Zhoom (zoom-bigger) and Minimal (mini-small), have names that sorta go together. (Good eye Gav701!)
11:30am Back and peparing to open up Account Registration at Noon!
Dr Voltabolt says, “Zer now… how vas it?”
Artix says, “Great taste… less fillings.”
Dr Voltabolt says, “…”
Artix says, “Maybe we should get a plaque for your wall that says that.”
Dr Voltabolt says, “…”
Artix says, “If you were an investigator would you be a Gum Shoe….”
Dr Voltabolt says, “You can stop now. Zeriously.”

10:00am Artix goes to the dentist — the A+ perfect way start Mulligan day!
9:30am I thought I was going to be going through a different kind of drill this morning… off to the dentist!
8:42am The database has been cleared and we are doing final testing of the revised game engine.

OH… MY… G…..
I did say “ANYTHING” bad could happen during the Alpha Test, right? We just experienced one of the biggest database catastrophes of all time in the MMO. What happened? Well, the short story is — your account name is now Captain Rhubarb. Actually… ALL of our account names are now Captain Rhubarb. Which is good if you like pirates… but really really bad if any of us wants to login to the MMO. All 10,000 accounts created yesterday were lost. *moment of silence* BUT look at the bright side… your character was just involved in the first ever database wipe in AE history. (Erm… ok, lets try another angle) Wednesday at noon, you will be able to re-create your account during “Mulligan Day!” It will be a complete new and improved re-do of Monday’s grand opening. The schedule is above… oh, and after testing closes tomorrow, Captain Rhubarb is going to give everyone who re-created their accounts 10,000 gold and a commemorative “My name is Captain Rhubarb” name tag.

Q: Got a lil’ Captain in you?
A: No, but your server sure does!

The Mega Bug (AKA Bugzilla)
June 3rd, 2008
This is good news! Last night we discovered the cause of the insane chat/travel lag that we all saw during the first alpha test. To make a long story short, the game was sending roughly 500,000 un-needed messages every 2.5 seconds. (Best guess is that it was the equivilant of having 16,000 people on a single server) We believe that the game server was attempting to send you desperate cries for help after what we have been doing to it the past week. So next time you are online be sure to give the server a gentle ‘pat pat’ and let it know that it is likely to… <insert long list of terrible, terrible things that ARE probably going to happen to the development server here.>

Minimal stayed up all night working on the bug. I received a message from him in the wee hours of the morning saying that a new version of the engine was ready for me and Zhoom to try. Cross your fingers for us — I will announce when the server will be coming back up as soon as possible!

FORUM QUESTION: It is also possible the Alpha Server is just sad because it does not have a name! What do you think we should name… and.. um… would a server be a a boy or a girl?

Hardware Shopping
A Special Post-Testing Behind the Scenes News Leak
The stress test is over and the team is working as fast as they can to bring the game back online for the next part of Alpha testing. Next time you should find less lag and switching areas willl.. you know… work! Also, we have a lot of confidence in this project now so we are looking at buying some beastly hardware to run it. If you are into computers like Captain Rhubarb, Zhoom and I you might like this next part. How does the specs on this database server sound?

Intel Xeon with 5405 Quad Core Harpertown Processors
That is 8 (yes EIGHT) Eight 2.4 GHz processors
Also has 8 (yes.. again.. EIGHT) 10,000 RPM 300BG hard drives AND two more 15,000 RPM SCSI/SAS hard drives *gulps*
I do not think my keyboard types high enough to let me post how much ram this beast of a machine has.

… and that is just the Database Server!

We will buy the servers right before going into beta. So, until then we will quest to make AQworlds run perfectly on our existing pretty humble machines. The first alpha test was a lot of fun. I cannot believe it actually worked!

A Brave New World…. GAME!
June 2nd, 2008
Are you ready for testing day #1*? Updated will start appearing on the homepage around 11am EST so you know exactly what is going on. In the mean time, you can read the How to Play AQ Worlds guide to see what we will be testing in the Alpha. Also, last night we played musical servers** so you may be directed to an IP address when attempting to access if your DNS has not updated. Alright! *gulps*. We are now starting on all of those last minute details*** for the test! Wish us luck.

* Because we sure are not!
** To the song written by the winner of our first ever DragonFable Music contest.
* You know… like… core functionality.

P.S. I am going to post a rather lengthy Design Notes update at DragonFable later this week.

Preparing for Monday
May 30th, 2008
If our first test is starting on Monday… so *chuckles* as you can imagine, we are running around chaotically waving our hands in the air as servers explode and ethernet cable monsters grab our feet and pull us into the abyss of the server room. Perfectly written code suddenly malfunctions… at one point, we were sure the development server grew its own AI and attempted to turn off the life support system giving us air here in the secret underground lab.

“I am sorry, I cannot do that… Dave…”

Meanwhile, as we desperately hope to have the servers up for even an hour or two on Monday we read your posts on the forums — hearing how many people are planning to take Monday off of work/school. *gulps* Bad! Bad! Bad! (At least you love this as much as we do)

Screenshot of me checking out the new Guardian Tower
“This… is… ALPHA!

What is an Alpha Test?
This seems like a very good time to remind everyone that this is an Alpha Test. It is a construction site with very limited functionality that will be seed from which we grow this new massively multiplayer game. It is by no means a fully functional game. Drop your expectations low… then lower them a bit more. Expect nothing to work, everything to break. Our real goal is to see how many people a single server can handle so we can order some more! What we need is your feedback to know what you would like us to make it do! Because we can make it do anything for you:-)

Dance Dance Ressurection was suggested as an important “bring your friend back to life / dancing” skill.

If you are as excited about this I am Monday could not come fast enough! It has been a while since we did a “play by play” on the homepage. That will start at noon EST. Prepare to watch us crash and burn like an out of control train wreck!

In the mean time, can you help me with some research? AQworlds is based loosely on AQ/DF/MQ. Each game had a brand new release this week (DF’s is going live tonight). Play through them and have them fresh in your mind when you help test the MMO. Try to imagine how we can better capture the feel of a single player adventure inside this new massively multiplayer world. AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest all have unique questing styles… it will be a huge topic of conversation of how to bring the “feel” of those quests into this new MMO.

New Website
May 29th, 2008
Greetings and salutations! I just made the new website live. What do you think? We finally made a website with a BLACK background!

We would be honored if you would help spread the word about this new MMO. As you can tell, everything (including the website) is still in heavy construction. So you will see me and the team updating things often. On Monday afternoon, we will open up new character/account creation. You will be able to verify your DragonLord / Guardian / Star Captian status. Then we will prepare for our very first stress test! Expect a catastrophic train wreck! Our goal is to get 5,000 players at the same time on a single server. Only basic functionality will be turned on (Explore, Chat, Combat, Shopping) and most of the areas will be an empty construction site. There will be some new functionality to test though. For example, the emotes are a lot of fun! As a sneak peak… here are a few you should know:

/dance (dance time!)
/swordplay (makes you draw a little fencing sword)
/cry (Break down in tears)
/feign (My favorite.. makes you pretend to fall over *croak*)

There are a lot more of course! It should be fun to meet other players. But please remember, always be kind in chat. Do not swear, curse, nor be disrespectful. Also, never give out your login information or your real name. A staff member does not need your password to look up your account. The server will probably only be up for an hour or two on Monday — we will try to put some things in the shop for you to buy! Depending on how things go we will bring the game up or down (we expect things to go kaboooooooooom!)

Battle on!


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