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Easy Gold!

AQworlds Easy gold!

Ok so heres one way you can earn easy gold in AQworlds heres the instructions:

Bridge Farming way

1. go to sword haven then to the inn take the quest defend the gates

2. what ever you do don’t exit the window quest out and type /join bridge

3. run straight to the boss and defeat turn in quest and repeat

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facts: you should make 1000 gold per 3 minutes

Undead Slaying Way

1. take both zorbaks quests

2. dont close the window and /join grave yard- what ever

3.Kill big jack and repeat steps

This way is much slower

Slim pizza Quest way

1. take the pizza quest in swordhaven and dont close the window

2. get 5 slimes from the green things and hand them in

3. repeat the steps

This is a good fast way also

Twillys Staff way

1. get the quest

2. dont close it

3. join farm- ( any number )

4. defeat boss

5. repeat steps over again


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