AQworlds Help site

How To Play!

(Alpha 0.001 Version)

AQ Worlds Rules
Always be kind and respectful to the other players. The Alpha testing server is intended for English speaking players, but everyone is welcome to come try it out. We will be adding canned chat and multi language servers in the future. Please keep chat rated G (no swearing or inappropriate talk)

In the lower left corner there is a chat box. Click in the chat box with your mouse (or press enter) to active it.Type in your message and hit the send button (or press enter) to say that message to everyone in your area.

Private Messages
You can send a private message using a tell.
/tell <playername> <message>
/w <playername> <message>

/tell Robina Are you serious that this was coded in three months by just two people?

Reply to a tell
/r <playername> <message>

To restore health and mana: /rest
Put a player on your ignor list: /ignore playername
Take a player off your ignor list: /unignore playername
Join a room: /join battleon
Make your character play a special animation by entering one of these commands into the chat box!


You can make a custom emote using the following commands

/me <message>
/em <message>
/e <message>

Traveling in the World
There are three ways to travel in the Alpha. First, you can click on your treasure box (located in the lower right of the screen) and then select “MAP”. This is the fastest way to travel and it will let you instantly travel to the area you click on. Second, you can try walking to the location from Battleon. Third, you can type /join areaname-001. The name of the area you are currently in can always be found in the lower right hand side of the screen.

Because many computers can only handle a limited number of players on the screen at the same time we came up with the idea of “instancing” areas. We do this in all of the areas currently. For example, the town of Battleon-001 allows 20 people to be in town at the same time. When person #21 tries to join, a brand new town called Battleon-002 is created. This solves the problem of crowding.

If you send a tell to your friend and find out that they are in Battleon-56. You can join them by typing /join Battleon-56. This is only temporary until party functionality is working then you and your friends will be able to easily meet up and stay together.

A primitive version of combat is available in the Alpha test. You will have four example skills to help us test with. To target a monster, simply click on it. To use your weapon, click on it a second time. This will cause you to charge the monster and begin auto-attacking it.

Your Alpha Test Skills
These skills appear as icons on your action bar. They will only be usable if you have a monster targeted. Simply click on them to activate (or press 1 through 4 on your keyboard.)

  • Auto-Attack (Causes you to swing your weapon over and over. Close range only)
  • Kockback (Special bonus attack! Uses mana to do bonus damage)
  • Freeze (First spell! Uses mana to freeze the monster’s feet for damage.)
  • Heal (Heal only works on friendly targets. You will have to target the monster again after you use it. It will target you by default.)

Do not forget that you can rest and regain your Health and Mana by typing /rest

Alpha Test Notes
You will be able to purchase a few items from the specialty shop during the test. The Alpha Class Tokens can be used to change your outfit. As there may be many errors during it is possible that we will have to wipe gold/inventory items until we make it to Beta. Have a good time and let us know what you think and what you would like next! (This is a great start but there is so much more to do!)


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